Posted by: fullandbye | October 31, 2005

Glengarry Glen Ross

Is anyone interested in watching this film with me sometime this week?
I think that a Wednesday night screening sounds like fun. The screening will begin promptly at 19:30 on 11/2 at Swank.

The movie (based on the play by David Mamet) is considered one of the best films of all time, and is still shown to film students to exemplify perfect ensemble casting. Read more about the film here.

The story is nasty, brutish and short–the edited for TV version is even shorter, I believe it runs for seven or eight minutes total.

Please let me know if you are interested in attending.


  1. Damn, one of my favorite movies and I’m going to a show that night. I might try to make it anyways, as the show doesn’t start until 9 and I don’t need to see the opening bands.

  2. I have midterms and interviews the next day, but I’ll attempt to make it.

  3. I’m interested in attending. Do you folks need anything like microwave popcorn or other snacks?

  4. We appreciate the generous offer. Bring whatever you like, but do not feel obligated or anything.

  5. Very much so. I love that film.
    Also, didn’t Mamet himself direct this?

  6. The film was directed by James Foley. But Mamet generally plays a pretty strong role in the production of his work. I actually happened to be one of the builders for this show for Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago (John Malkovich directed it) and David Mamet was, according to show chatter, a pretty rowdy and outspoken presence during all production meetings.

  7. i’ll be there

  8. I’d love to attend, the Mamet I’ve read I’ve liked. Now, if only I could somehow magically reschedule my office hours…

  9. Damn is that movie ever great.

  10. Maybe I watched that movie in the wrong company, but I recollect it being inexorably dull. I love all the actors, and I love David Mamet, but the film really seemed to drag without any truth or meaning behind it.

  11. That sounds really good. I’ve been wanting to see it.

  12. I’d like to see it, but I can’t until the eleciton is over. Well, maybe this weekend. Definitely not a weekday.

  13. Be aware that Raz transforms into a were-baboon with the presence of microwave popcorn. This can lead to assaults. Just so your’e aware.

  14. You saw it with me. I think you must have fallen sleep. =D

  15. I don’t remember that at all! But I sleep through many movies. Hmmm, so I won’t get any sleep tonight either. Chances are, if I go tomorrow, I’ll sleep through it yet again.

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