Posted by: fullandbye | October 26, 2005


I have posted questions for everyone who wanted them.
I look forward to the responses.



  1. impatient little bugger!

  2. dude, nice work on those. i’m working on answers.

  3. I’m totally done. Was I first? Do I win?

  4. all things in due time, a good response is worth the wait.
    This was mostly to alert people who do not have email notification of responses posted.
    Assumptions assumptions…

  5. my assumption, as you call it, was mostly based off of the statement you made last night, being “when are people going to respond to my questions? they’re taking a really long time!” and then seeing this as a follow up. not JUST this post. assumptions assumptions…

  6. tthhhhhhhhhhpppppppttttttt!!!!

  7. is it too late to get in on this interviewtastic action?

  8. dude, I just starting working on my answers today… he he… well I have some excuse, like the wretched flu from hell.

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