Posted by: fullandbye | October 21, 2005


All tremble at the coming employcalypse.
Brandon, Brandi, and I have all decided to take a stab at different work options.

I am going to leave brightworking. Why? Because the hours are way too sporadic, and my commitment to the work is making it more difficult to find other options.
So, um, yeah. Does anyone have any promising leads?


  1. Raz, I think you would make an awesome high school tutor. I think you would deflect the stinging rays of teenage disgust well and pester them into either thought or assault. Also, kindergarteners. Raz would do well with tiny things that can’t help but frustrate you and make you creative.

  2. Welcome to the employcalypse. Good luck.
    Hopefully I’ll crawl out of it next week.
    Next I just have to crawl my way out of Everett.

  3. What kind of work do you want to do?

  4. I like people and I like public service. I like working with my hands too, but realize that frequently working with one’s hands can be difficult work to break into around here.

  5. dude. crisis line. it’ll be your new hobby.

    the low income housing institute is hiring

  7. what are you doing tonight at around seven or so?

  8. Dude, you guys missed the real employcalypse, that was two months ago when I quit my job.

  9. also:
    This seems like fun. I am going to apply to it because it satisfies my sense of fun, but I think *you* should apply to it because it suits you better.

  10. you should come pumpkin carving at my house! or are you hayriding?

  11. so your day in the want ads, my friend
    also, the city of seattle is hiring a stage technician. go to and then go to their employment section. you will have to log in.
    “Job Stage Technician (CEN-700959)
    Status Temporary / Part Time
    Shift See Description
    Filing Dates Sun, Oct 9, 2005 – Sun, Nov 6, 2005
    Openings Multiple Openings
    Salary $22.08 an hour
    Department Seattle Center
    Location Stage Unit
    Position Duties
    Seattle Center needs intermittent Stage Technicians who are available to accept calls at Seattle Center for days, evenings, weekends, and holidays. Work opportunities are directly related to Seattle Center event schedules and staffing needs. This is on-call work with no guaranteed minimum number of hours. Intermittent Stage Technicians are dispatched by IATSE Local #15 in accordance with a collective bargaining agreement.
    Assist in preparing theatrical stages for the presentation of a variety of entertainment events and assist in the installation and operation of stage equipment. The following are examples of duties performed by intermittent Stage Technicians under the direction of a Lead Stage Technician or Crew Chief:
    · Set up portable staging;
    · Operate and maintain a variety of stage lighting equipment;
    · Maintain stage equipment such as lights and portable staging.
    Required Qualifications
    Two years technical stage work experience or training to include knowledge of stage carpentry, stage lighting, equipment maintenance and theatrical terminology. Journey-level stage carpentry or stage electrical skills are considered adequate qualification. The work is strenuous and requires lifting, bending and carrying over 50 pounds as an essential element of the work. Must be able to climb and work at heights from ladders or catwalks, bridges or rigging grids as much as 70 feet above the floor. Must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license at the time of application. Qualified candidates will be scheduled for work tests and interviews to take place November 29, 2005.
    Desired Qualifications
    Excellent customer service and communication skills.
    Additional Requirements
    Candidates selected for this position will be required to provide a conviction history.
    A pre-employment physical will be required for candidates selected for this position.”

  12. Re: so your day in the want ads, my friend
    dude, so perfect

  13. Oh man!
    I’m not hayrding tonight- I’m working on that for tomorrow (are you in, m’dear?) I was planning a night of staying in and doing some catch up work, and was gonna invite Raz over for some tea (since sedate is pretty basically what I am up to today in terms of socializing)
    But- pumpkins! Carving them! At your house!
    Can I perhaps not come tonight but we can maybe make plans for next saturday having a drawing party of some sort?

  14. that sounds good. lovely.

  15. No leads, but I’m hunting too.

  16. for you- look either in the seattle weekly or the stranger- one of them has an ad for a box office manager that I think would be great for you!
    also, the environmental thing that I posted in this fine journal would be great for you, too

  17. i think i’ll join in this show of joblessness by.. staying unemployed. but now, with more emphasis!

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