Posted by: fullandbye | September 30, 2005


I will elaborate more on mediocrity later.
I was really unclear about what I was talking about in my previous post. For that I atone. Stay tuned, I want to hear your thoughts after my revised question is floated to the masses.

Right now I am very sleepy, and the bottoms of my feet need washing.


  1. r to the tar.
    maybe this is just me channeling the handbook for the nanowrimo, (the novel in a month thing), but the debasement of the “mediocore” seems like an impedement to the practice of any art or life style.
    How good do you have to be at something before you can feel good about doing it? Can’t we joyously make drivel? And have faux intectual discussions and pretend we’re learning and getting somewhere when really its half baked responses to half baked inspirations we haven’t yet “elaborated on”. Fun is a damn good excuse for mediocracy in my book, which is why I still rock climb cook and draw. I like it.
    Ideas of mediocracy strike me as relating to a strange teleology, as if by being great at something, a higher better reality is reached. And that smacks of beatnik “existential kicks” to me, which I think can only end as On the Road did, with ultimately meaningless and degenerating communities always trying to escape the now to the Now. being not fucking “Being”.
    Japan’s scenery is amongst the ugliest in the natural world (and that’s without the concrete), but I still love it becase I live in it. Sometimes I feel like Washington is a morally superior pace to live because its amazingly beautiful and not kind of beautiful, but that more and more seems lame to me.
    Here’s a way I though of looking at it.
    Suppose you’re on a cruise ship (what’s more mediocore, neh?) and you and 50 others crash. Which island would you dig more?
    Island #1
    10 mediocore accountants
    10 mediocore ceos
    10 mediocore buisness majors
    10 mediocore wall mart managers
    10 mediocore travel agency employees
    Island #2
    10 mediocore new york chefs
    10 mediocore forest rangers
    10 mediocore high school chemistry teachers
    10 mediocore conceptual artists
    10 mediocore scifi fantasy novelists
    Now, this clearly is based towards the island that I would want to be on, but let me say who cares which groups survives longer, I would have more fun on island #2.
    hmm…mabye I’m just saying communities are more important than indivudal ayn randing achievement. I would rather live in a village where everyone did art badly becuase they loved it than in a village where just one man made the most beautiful teak tables in the world.

  2. Re: r to the tar.
    Check the update.
    I think I agree with you.

  3. I am starting to walk around barefoot again here at Stanford. There is something wonderful about having to wash the dirt and grime off of one’s feet.

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