Posted by: fullandbye | September 27, 2005

job update

I was one of two semifinalists for the Seattle University job, but I was not offered the position.

The email was kind, encouraging, and affirming. I am not upset about not working for Seattle U, but I really hate the prospect of more job hunting. I only determined to accept the position after a lot of soul searching, so perhaps it really was not to be.

I am in a pretty foul mood, and I am attempting to make it better by spreading it around. Grouchiness loves company.

Every time this happens, I work on my peace corps application more, and I spend more time poking around the website of the Israeli consulate.

Despite the loveliness of the day, I really am not sure if I can take more than another year of this city before I need to strike out somewhere else.


  1. it sucks to almost have jobs. this has happened to me twice in the past month. I think it’s worse when they tell you how close you were, or might be.
    today I was offered a job, but I turned it down. it would have been 50 hours a week at $10.80 an hour to do hard thinking and hectic work in an office. forced overtime is not a good thing, and I’ve had easier jobs that paid more.
    good luck with the job search, roommate!

  2. I agree–getting close to getting a job you want is very frustrating.
    Strike out! There’s lots to see beyond Seattle and you can always go home if and when you need to. Although I always thought that you were a Seattle person . . . where would you go to?

  3. I have wanderlust something awful.
    I want to return to Africa.
    And I REALLY miss Israel.

  4. Go! Just do it! Would you to Africa through the peace core? Or could you do NGO work either there or in Israel?

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