Posted by: fullandbye | September 20, 2005


I am late to a halloween party, and I cannot come up with a costume. I end up deciding to go as Freud, and I throw together a weird costume in a matter of minutes. I need to get a pipe from a friend’s house, and so I head over to the house with a really impatient girl who is an aquaintance of someone else in the enoutrage (we do not like each other particularly, but she is my ride).

I have keys to this house in Sand Point neighborhood, and in the house I find a bunch of really folky old-timey instruments. The girl I am with (she looks vaguely semitic; she could be Lebanese) gets really impatient, and I kiss her. It is electric.

She is immediately much more chill after the kiss, and I tell her that I want to change my costume and instead go as an old-timey dust bowl musician type person (think “O Brother Where Art Thou?” type costume). But to get the complete costume I need to go back to my house to get overalls and hat. She is willing to go back here, but both of us want to go to this party.

There is a knocking at the door, and people who were not originally in the house (where did they come from?) open the door and find a whole bunch of Klansmen and women outside. Across the street there is a great burning cross.

The police arrive on the scene and tell the Klanspeople to disperse. By this time, everyone on the street is on their stoops jeering at the sheet-covered people. The leader grabs a police megaphone as he is put into the back of a truck, and he starts yelling some nonsense about racial integration, and about all of us reading the bible to understand that the Klan are carrying out god’s will by terrorizing a black man who has moved into a white neighborhood.

In the dream I realize that my choice of costume essentializes american poor-whites. I also realize that while European history is a whole different story, in this country at least, being Jewish does not carry with it anywhere near the liability of being black, or of being poor and white.

I woke up feeling guilty and more outraged then usual at the Katrina related news coming from my clock radio.


  1. What’s “Teacher” off of?

  2. What the hell are you talking about?

  3. Current music: Leonard Cohen “Teachers”

  4. although I have been getting more and more people lately trying to project their annoyances with christianity onto judaism and telling me all about it, which has been kind of annoying. possible post of irritation to come soon.
    (not taht that has anything to do with oppression in america…just reminded me of that)

  5. Oh.
    “The Songs of Leonard Cohen”

  6. I think that few people realize how VASTLY DIFFERENT the two religions are.
    Judeo-Christian is kind of a misnomer.
    Although, because I like the character of Christ so much, I think I mostly get mad at this phrase because so much of christianity is based on the (really scary and anomalously violent) book of revelations.
    We should talk about this soon–and soon we shall! When I visit you!

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