Posted by: fullandbye | September 19, 2005


Rula, Sierra and Emily are the world’s most charming, intelligent and beautiful individuals.
They are also the most adept at posting for someone else when that someone else has logged on with their laptop and then forgot to log off.
Incidentally though, the above post summarizes my feelings toward these ladies exactly.


  1. indeed!
    thanks for writing that rrc email. it was well worded and well pointed.

  2. Thanks. I actually bristled a bit when Poon wrote his email.
    But then again, I really do not like that kid very much. I probably would have been a little less caustic (not that it was too caustic to begin with really) had the original point been made by someone whom I respect a little more.

  3. im making you and undisclosed present now, for this and for.. oh, fuck, i just like making presents for people

  4. Alex, you’re rad.

  5. seriously.
    You should come over to Swank more often.

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