Posted by: fullandbye | September 18, 2005

magical heating duct

(Raz accidentally drops cashew down heating duct in his room)

(Gabe notices heating duct, sits bolt upright)

G: What is THAT?! Where does that go?!

R: Gabe, that is the heating duct.

(pause, both stare at the tarnished brass heating duct for about a minute)

R: Gabe, I think I have the easiest time thinking of you as a religious person because the possibility of the supernatural is so easy for you to imagine. I mean, almost anyone else I know would see the grate on the floor and immediately assume that it went to the furnace. But that was only one (and not necessarily the most likely) option for you.

G: Whoa. I noticed the duct for the first time and immediately assumed that it went to some magical place. And I thought “you and I need to get in there stat!”. I saw the cashew drop down, but in my mind the duct goes left, and then turns into a string, like a needle threading into the sky…

(Raz and Gabe laugh till their torso’s feel like they might split)


  1. good times, my friend. good times

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