Posted by: fullandbye | August 31, 2005

The end.

Here’s to post-college. *clink*


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! after the quarter from hell, that’s got to be mighty satisfying.

  2. To post-college! *clink clink clink shatter*
    Magna Cum Laude! Rock on.

  3. Congrats, Raz. Way to be graduated.
    Not to be a total downer, but I had it on pretty good authority (Ran) that the magna cum laude line for this year was 3.89. All the online info seems to be out of date though.
    Ah well, hope it works out in your favor. 😉

  4. You are right.
    (my memory is failing me. I remember looking at the website on this a while back, and I suppose I got confused…)

  5. here’s to good thesis grades! I got a 3.9/4.0 (two grades), which made me feel SO good for all the time I put in!
    I’d still be interested in reading yours…jewish humor, was it?

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