Posted by: fullandbye | August 30, 2005

regarding Katrina, and Gaza

Oh good lord!


  1. That is kind of- I don’t know- disturbing beyond the ability of the word to convey how disturbing it is.
    Those poor people in New Orleans and Mississipi, though (on a purely non-geopolitical aside). What a terrifying experiences it has to be for them.

  2. reminds me of falwell going off on liberals for causing the collapse of the world trade center by ticking god off.
    “the liberals have got to take a lot of blame for this! when you mock god, when you cast him out of the courthouses and the schoolhouses, you reap the consequences.”
    oh yeah. sometimes, religion is just awesome.

  3. That this passes for religious scholarship is amazing.
    It also reminds me a bit of a prayer an Isreali friend once taught me: May god bless and keep the Christian right…out of our fu**ing business!
    I am waiting for magnum photos to have a series on Katrina. Their series on Gaza is incredible.

  4. uh.
    Link to magnum photos does not work.
    Just go to and explore.

  5. The God of Israel is either a bad shot with a hurricaine, or tremendously ill-informed. Some rudamentary googling will reveal that the capital of the united states federal government is sandwiched between Virginia and Maryland, neigh a thousand miles away from New Orleons; the highest concentration of American Jews is in New York; and Israel turns out to be on the other side of the planet.

  6. Further! It appears that the attack on the WTC was motivated in large party by America’s pro-Israel stance. So…you see where I’m going with this.

  7. oh my lord that pisses me off!!

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