Posted by: fullandbye | July 19, 2005

the coolest thing ever…

Today I saw a guy dressed in awesome motorcycle leathers driving a bike that might be a decade or so newer than the motorcycle in Garden State. He was pretty rad, with a classic high ride helmet and goggles. But the real radness of his getup was the German Sheperd in the sidecar next to him, also wearing a helmet and goggles.


  1. Hey Raz–want to go to Kai’s tonight? I’m trying to see people as much as possible before I leave and they have $3 drink specials.
    We’re meeting up there around 9:30/10:00.

  2. I’ll be there.

  3. Raz! Talk to me about heat guns! Or maybe I’ll talk to you about them.
    Home Depot didn’t have the one I wanted, which is this:
    or something like it. Variable temp, going down to 200 degrees or less.
    So if you’re still interested in going in on something like this, let me know, and we’ll look into how best to get it.

  4. wabi collective tool venture
    The thought of a wabi tool collective is appealing.
    I am loathe to share my small handtools, but do not mind sharing larger ones to people who I know will treat them well.
    But I like the idea of going in on some tools with other people.
    Who else might be interested? And what sort of things do we want. I would eventually love to have a full on Wabi workshop (gleeful slightly evil laugh) that could work in wood, metal, and synthetics.
    Until we have this though, a decent suite of shop tools would do us really good.
    I also think I can find this heat gun for less 90 bucks.
    We could also go super duper wabi and just plug the heat gun into an old coil transformer (pretty easily gotten) and then regulate heat that way. It would be cumbersome, but also awesome.

  5. Re: wabi collective tool venture
    I’m sure it can be had for less. At Home Depot the dual-speed was $25 and the industrial variable 400-1000 degree was $55. Would you be willing to look around used appliance places? I’ll keep looking around online and around town.

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