Posted by: fullandbye | July 19, 2005

wonka, and a dream

BBQ with Yonkers was fun.
Christians EVERYWHERE!!!

The new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is amazing. Clever, beautiful, and really deserving of IMAX. I might write a full review later if I feel like it. Right now, I just want to go to sleep.

I remembered this afternoon that I had a dream last night in which I killed a man. I was on a roadtrip with some friends, and this scary dude started harassing one of my travelling companions (not someone I know in real life). I told the guy to lay off her, and he came at me with two knives drawn. I drew my blade, and in a matter of seconds had plunged it repeatedly into his torso. I then called the police, who came immediately wearing plainclothes. At first they told me the questioning would only take an hour. But then they realized that I would need to be arrested for manslaughter. The rest of the dream was spent thinking about this reality. The police knew that the man drew his blade before me, and that I killed in self-defense. But the dream was so visceral, and the emotions so real.

I woke up really upset.

I hope I never kill anyone.

But I still believe that I would take the life of a person mortally threatening me or the people I love.


  1. funny, I have two posts in sequence in the f-list, one (yours) heaping praise on the new wonka movie, and the other one roasting it and declaring it thoroughly poop-inspired.
    who to believe, who to believe…

  2. It is not poop-inspired.
    It is Tim Burton going to town on Roald Dahl’s story.
    The film is more whimsical and strange than the first one. It is also much MUCH lovelier.
    The original is cheesy and lacks any sort of visual coherence. It is well acted to be sure, and it is not a bad film, but it lacks the sort of magical aesthetic that only Tim Burton can bring to a film. The new version lacks the weird side plots of the old one, so the story is simplified, and it is very fast and tight compared to the old.
    I realized something interesting while watching this version: Tim Burton directs like a choreographer. Timing is central to his aesthetic, and the timing of the film is perfect. The movie opens with what can only be described as a mechanical ballet (this is NOT a reference to the dada film by Fernand Leger btw).

  3. the oddness continues- her beef is specifically with johnny depp’s timing. i think she pretty much wants him to be gene wilder, though.

  4. Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka is totally different.
    Wilder plays an erudite, condescending, outgoing, and eccentric man.
    Johnny Depp plays a gleeful, although very reclusive and vulnerable lunatic. His character is less approachable, but much funnier, and much MUCH stranger.

  5. Blech
    I Really thought the movie sucked. Nice parts–thought the family scenes were quite touching.
    But in general:
    Flashbacks scenes = sucked
    Johnny Depp = sucked (I usually heart him)
    songs = sucked
    Very disappointed
    Cane toads on the other hand ROCKED
    best movie ever.

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