Posted by: fullandbye | July 17, 2005

marks of a good day

Clothes encrusted with salt-spray
skin slightly burned
lips stained with blackberry juice
the gentle swaying of the sea still in my every step.

Today has been a good day–even though the cucumber floated.


  1. a reenactment of speech:
    me: sink or float? cucumber. i think float.
    mo: float.
    michelle: float.
    anna: float.
    raz: SINK!
    (i throw the cucumber into the water, and it floats. everyone sort of leans back with a sense of accomplishment, after all, most of us have just gaged the buoyancy of cucumber.)
    raz: al-RIGHT!
    everyone else: wtf?
    raz: wha? oh… (looks sheepishly away, and grins.)

  2. Re: a reenactment of speech:
    (that is supposed to be the obscure dyadic reference)

  3. Re: a reenactment of speech:
    i understand,
    but a joke shared among many
    is better than a joke shared among a few…
    so ha!

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