Posted by: fullandbye | June 17, 2005


I swapped out Bobert’s radiator today.
The new one is much better; the fins are not as disturbed, and there is less crap in them.
But the car still seems to get a little too hot a little too quickly. It has not overheated yet, but the temeperature gets to the mid-upper range of normal too soon for my liking.

I have a few thoughts on this problem.
1) I might need a radiator cap that fits a little better. To determine if this is indeed the problem, the car would need to be pressure-checked by a machine at a garage.
2) I might need a new water pump. This would be the suck.


  1. Have your tried taking off the fan belt and seeing whether everything that is supposed to spin actually spins? My water pumps was siezed up on my honda, and thats how I found out. Wasnt too costly to replace at least.

  2. Hey, where is your party? Sorry I didn’t respond sooner. It would be great to see you while I’m here. 206-522-1469, mobile 212-365-8244.

  3. The fan is electrical, and I did a really quick diagnostic today that suggests that it might not be working.
    The thing is, I did not try to run the fan independent of the engine (I could not quite jiggle the connector loose), so it might be the fan, or it might be the thermostat.

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