Posted by: fullandbye | May 19, 2005


This weather is flipping my shit.

Also, has anyone who reads this ever had a class with David Domke?
After reading his book and then having him guest lecture a class today I get the impression that he is really not that smart.

Domke says that fear is the enemy of democracy. I do not doubt this. But this led to a discussion as to what might be the fuel of democracy, and my professor and I agreed that it might be righteous indignation and outrage at your government. This led to a discussion of the effectiveness of the prophets and the particular power of Jeremiah (a VERY angry dude). Then I read Matthew 25-27 and found out that Jesus had some moments when he was really pissed off too.

Here’s to righteous indignation friends, bottoms up.

Mood steadily improving after awful nap.
Need to write thesis. I will break 50 pages tonight goddamit.
Wow, in the three minutes that I have been updating, the weather has gone from sunny to, uh, partial sun and hail. I just heard thunder. Awesome.



  1. 50pgs?! You beast.

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