Posted by: fullandbye | May 8, 2005


This is the part where I resign myself to guilt and sadness.
In human affairs, what do we mean when we say that something is inevitable?
Forgive my frenzied state, dear one(s).
Forgive my current strangeness and estrangement. When this is over, let us not be strangers.
Forgive me.


  1. Raz,
    Once again, an interesting parallel between us emerges. I could take this post verbatim and put it in my journal. If I didn’t loathe plagiarism, that is.
    Following this accursed election, I shall visit Swank. Or perhaps it should be a campaign destination this week? Gather your babies in need of kissing, my friend. ASUW elections know no bounds (good taste included).

  2. thank you for this… here’s to the future.

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