Posted by: fullandbye | April 28, 2005

the worth of people

My aunt has been hospitalized.
I do not know the name of the condition, but according to my mom, it is very serious.
Human life is really the yardstick against which all things to which we assign value should be measured.
***EDIT*** The sentence which follows the above sentence is, “I am incredibly grateful for the well-being of the people I love.”
I am not sure if I say this enough. But it needs to be said.



  1. I’m sorry Raz; that’s so scary. I hope everything will be okay.
    It’s difficult to see how trivial our daily struggles are until something like this slaps us in the face.

  2. my garbled condolences
    I feel for you Raz. My sister is in the hospital in Louisiana. I want to be there holding her hand but I can’t really drop everything here, nor can I afford the ticket. These are the times in my life when I pray a lot. Life gets to be a scary thing sometimes, but you’ve just got to grab on to what you have and get through it. Let me know if you want someone to commiserate.

  3. luffluffluffluffluffluffluffluffluff

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