Posted by: fullandbye | April 24, 2005

Pesach (passover)

Last night with my Sephardic family was…interesting. There is no conversation quite so interesting as a conversation between an old demented woman and a man who has recently been diagnosed with cancer and is on all sorts of painkillers. They found each other’s company compelling, and their conversation was positively fascinating, in a Eugene Ionescoesque sort of way.

In other news, responding to complaints that the Haggadah (the book that contains the ceremony for the passover seder) is too long, some Israeli has come up with the techno seder!


  1. i love the techno seder!
    and i dont even know what it says!
    but it exudes cleverness!

  2. It is very clever.
    It is also amazingly comprehensive.

  3. hey — i think i have met you a few times — alex pointed me to this and it about made my day.
    they even got chad gadya! amazing.

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