Posted by: fullandbye | March 9, 2005

last braai

We had a farewell braai tonight. It was really strange. A weird mix of people came, and it was sort of socially awkward. But fun all the same.

After the braai, as we were cleaning up, a girl on the program put a bag of popcorn in the microwave. The smell of it wafted into the main house, and Yonkers and I bounded into the other house and started banging on the microwave door and howling. The bag of popcorn was snatched away, and instead a couple of bananas were thrown at us. We ran around the kitchen fighting over the bananas, and then perched on the counter eating them. We pretty much just squeezed all the banana out of the peel, and then threw the peels at MaReesa and Katie.

While we were distracted, those two piled furniture in our way an retreated into their room. We then stood outside the room banging on the door and macking a huge racket for a good five minutes. Then we started putting all sorts of things under the door. A dish glove, some granola, a stale piece of toast were put under the door. Finally we smushed a whole chocolate muffin under the door, but we were reminded of cockroaches. Yonker, Matt (who joined us in our baboonery, and I laughed so hard that we could not stand.

After recovering, we went and got some cleaning supplies to clean up the mess. But when we returned, the door was still locked, and Katie and MaReesa had no intention of letting us in, even though we claimed to be from animal patrol looking for forensic evidence of some naughty baboons. Eventually the charade broked down and we asked to be let in just to clean up.

Katie wanted a deposit of some sort. I offered my watch, Yonkers offered his driver’s license. But what was really wanted were our underwear. We pushed our boxers under the door, but were still not allowed in.

We never cleaned the room, they did it for us, saying we offered enough amusement to make it worth their time. After this episode a few of us sat outside in the courtyard counting shooting stars and watching the southern cross slowly spin clockwise into the night.

I am about ready to return home, but there are some things I will really miss about this arrangement.



  1. what was that you got? some cleaning what?
    the rest of the evening sounds absolutely delightful…

  2. I’ve gotta see this monkey act of yours…

  3. monkey act
    If you really want to see it, there is one thing that brings out the behavior…
    It is much better though when it is both me and Yonkers. Two werebaboons are much better than one.

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