Posted by: fullandbye | March 8, 2005

attempted mugging?

I went with some friends today to a market in the middle of Cape Town.
I was in the center of the square, wandering about when an older coloured guy came up to me. We had the following interaction.
GUY: Hey, c’mon give me something.
RAZ: No.
GUY: C’mon. I only want the loot. I take the easy way. Give me one-hundred rand.
(I noticed at this point that he had his hand hidden under his shirt, as though hiding a knife *note that this is in a pretty crowded market, with a large police presence in the middle of the day*.)
RAZ: Dude, I am not going to give you one hundred rand.
GUY: (waving under his shirt) I just want the loot. (I laugh a little and start walking away, he follows and kinda pushes me, still with one hand under his shirt). I just want the loot. Give me one-hundred rand!.
RAZ: Fokoff!!! (the translation from Afrikaans is pretty obvious here).
Then the guy pushed me again, and I spun around and knocked him with my elbow, and then shoved him so hard that he stumbled and almost went sprawling, except that he bumped into a really big African woman who was selling soft drinks and she smacked him upside the head and started cursing at him in Xhosa.

This was pretty amazing. But what was even more amazing is that he tried the EXACT SAME THING with Yonkers ten minutes later.



  1. Give me something. I take the easy way.

  2. fokoff!

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