Posted by: fullandbye | February 21, 2005


It is official: I have something scheduled every single day I have remaining here. How un-African of me.
It is really weird, as this adventure moves into its twilight, and as the weather here gets weirder with the coming autumn, I am beginning to wonder “have I represented this place fairly? How should I continue to represent it? How will I remember it? When will I return?” These questions rattle in my head and make me toss and turn at night.
Cait, Clarke, Claire and Jim were all right. This place gets in your head. Everyone who comes here returns. Most who come here never fully leave; some part remains here always. And even when you are exasperated and curse the heat, the noise, the painful irony, the chaos, the stink, and the sand burning your eyes in the 20mph winds, even then there is a love for this place and for these people.

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