Posted by: fullandbye | February 17, 2005

dialogical, intense, lovely, gross, and awesome.

The dialogical:
Yesterday I facilitated a photography project that had Roosevelt High School students and Isilimela students each take a roll of photographs of things meaningful to them, and then share their photos. The kids were really into it, and the conversations were amazing. The Isilimela photos were particularly excellent; really, fresh, candid and spontaneous. The whole thing was pretty revealing, and really brought about good conversations about differences and similarities between the students. My favorite moment? With the second group of students (we had two groups, and each group was divided into mini groups of 4 students, each with one or two UW facilitators) after we had finished talking about the photos, Nolila asked me who my role model was, and we went around the circle talking about role models. It was an awesome exchange.

The intense:
We went to a S. African prison today for a tour. After we were given the rundown by the chaplain, we went to a cellblock control area, where we stood around for about 1/2 hour. Then we were quickly herded outside where the chaplain aplogized profusely for our trip being cancelled, and assured us that it was not our fault. Later on we got an email from him and found out that a gang fight had happened earlier this week. Some kid was dead, and the prison was in the middle of shuffling the population and then letting thing settle before any visitors could tour.

The lovely:
After we were banished from the prison, we went to Kalk Bay, where we drank at a seaside bar for a few hours. the day was overcast, warm and damp. But the sea breeze was lovely, and the company was nice.

The gross:
My tevas have been smelling really bad of late. While mine definitely take the cake, Yonkers’ and Yared’s sandals are also pretty stinky. This evening, after uproarious complaint from my program companions, I filled a bucket with hot water and lemon cleaner and proceeded to scrub the foot-cheese off my sandals. Yucky.

The awesome: A week from Saturday, I am going on a daylong canyoning trip. Cliff jumping, abseiling, and landscape that should blow my mind.

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