Posted by: fullandbye | January 25, 2005

internet rarer

Hey there peeps,
We have exhausted the bandwidth at home.
Until 1st February, internet is through cafes only.
I will be harder, but still pretty easy to reach. I should check email once a day or so until we have easy access at the house.
I hope to post pictures soon.
Thanks to all for their personal emails and comments. It is good to know that you all still exist on the other side of the world from here.


  1. hello
    Raz! Verena just gave me the link to your live journal. Sounds like you are having a life changing experience down there. I’m glad to hear it. take care of yourself and enjoy! See you when you get back 🙂

  2. Dear Raz,
    I just wrote you a laboriously long email, and then this !(&#^@*$@_($(Q)_ computer deleted it. Fuck.
    I miss you, and I heard what you asked Clarke….

  3. the email
    Damn the fucking computer eating it. I want to hear what you had to say.
    If you can recreate the thing I Haiku form, I will try to imagine the details that are missing. And I will throw in some shit about mules too, they deserve to be talked about even if they are sterile.
    Miss you.

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