Posted by: fullandbye | January 23, 2005


I have a new sarong that I bought for R50 (a little less than $10).
So much more comfortable.

I also tried to trim my beard today, but ended up taking way too much off, such that now I have only meager, patchy stubble. I am considering just going clean and starting over.



  1. Just do it–start from scratch. There’s nothing worse than ill-managed facial hair. And, besides, isn’t the beard kind of hot in South Africa?

  2. done
    There is no more beard on The Raz.
    The difference in comfort in this climate sans beard is indiscernible.
    I miss my beard. Gorilla sad. Gorilla cry.
    But my new sarong makes me so happy. It is awesome. I think I might wear it around Seattle when I get back.

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