Posted by: fullandbye | December 26, 2004

what’s needed

“You need to get a tetanus shot”
“I am up to date, and I stepped on a rock”
“It doesn’t matter honey, tetanus comes more often from dirt than from rust, and you got enough of a gouge to merit a booster. Please. Find a stop on your way to New York and get it done. Tetanus is really not pretty.”

One of the strangest days in recent memory.
It ended with Chris, Ellen and me singing “New Slang” while driving home at 1:30 am from Jason’s party by the river.
Just minutes before we left, I was cleaning, dressing, and krazygluing a very drunk girl’s heel that had been gouged while walking barefoot on the dock near Jason’s house.

Bless you brave and bloodied vagabond princess. It was an honor. Thank you to Jason, Cait and Brandon.

Before the blood, the tears. Sitting in Joan’s apartment, an anonymous woman pouring her heart out and weeping at the impending alcohol poisoning of her successful but suicidally alcoholic brother.

“You are all gifts, each one of you here. I do not know your parents, but you are all contributions to this earth”.
Damn straight.

And to think I almost did not come. And the decision to come could have killed me–driving north from blahvue on 405, in the lane to get on 520 west to Seattle, already at the point where the lane begins to curve to the right and there is more than a single line between the off-ramp and the other lane.
“Wait, Raz, NO!!!” And a SHARP turn to the left and back onto 405. Dangerous in any circumstances, but in the driving rain of this evening, probably the most reckless driving maneouvre I have ever pulled (and you all know how I drive).

It is nearly 4am. I have no idea why I am up so late.
I love ending the day knowing I have done something meaningful, visceral, and real.
I love ending the day with no regrets.
Love everywhere.

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