Posted by: fullandbye | December 26, 2004


The butterflies in my stomach that come when I think of the adventure I am about to embark upon have gone through a metamorphosis.
Whereas before they were pure excitement and thirst for adventure, the rumbling is now one part unbelievable excitement at the thought of going there, and one part crushing sadness at the thought of leaving here.
Goddamn I will miss you punks.


  1. tut tut Raz, I assure you, the excitement may be numbed a bit by prolonged farewells and maybe by the bustle of the airport and the long, zombifying stay inside the gut of an aeroplane but really, truly, the moment you get there we will be far from your mind. The minutia of travel will consume you, then the landscape and these new people and your home, your city, the market the monkeys…on and on and on. So many sensations await you!
    So hang tight, it’s always scary right before you leap.

  2. truer words…
    …were never spoken.
    But standing on the precipice, I am really hesitant to jump. I know the wind will scream in my ears, and my chute will open and I will crash land into a strange place with new people and adventures at every turn. I do look forward to it.
    But I will still miss you more than you know.
    Thank you for letting me lay my tired head in your lap at the party.

  3. rang your bells
    at 9am on Sunday,
    not the nicest thing to do, but I wanst it the nices on that day. Still, I missed you, and hope to see your last supper with japanese appatizers.
    Tell me when, again? And what about robes?

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