Posted by: fullandbye | December 22, 2004

last supper

I sent this out to a bunch of people, but since I can be a little sloppy with email invites, I thought I would post it here too. All are invited to attend.

Dearest friends and family,

At 11:59 pm this Tuesday, I will depart from this fair city and go off on an adventure that will keep me away for three months.

I would like to share my last evening here with all of you. So all are invited to the potluck Last Supper at Chez Swank. Dinner will begin promptly at 7:00.

I believe that my Swanky successor may be in attendance as well. Chez Swank will host a seperate “Welcome Annika” party, but this might be a nice chance to get to know the new housemate in a non-bachannalian setting.

This event will culminate in a posed photograph that will attempt to replicate as exactly as possible Leonardo’s famed “Last Supper”. Attendants are encouraged to wear robes.

Love to all,


  1. Bah, I will be in the mountains then (this is next Tuesday, the 28th, right?). “Bah,” I say.

  2. bah
    Indeed it is.
    I will see you when I get back then.
    Have fun in the mountains. There are worse places to be.

  3. My flight gets in at 7:15, if all goes well. I’ll get there as soon as I can.

  4. sehr gut
    Most excellent.
    I will probably leave the house at 9:30 or so.
    We just might catch each other.

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