Posted by: fullandbye | December 17, 2004

till spring

Last night was quality. Thanks to everyone who came. I will hopefully see some of you before I leave on the 28th.
Those whom I will not see again until spring (marmot, kitten, and dipper-dee), I love you and miss you already.

And for my next adventure…packing my room!
btw, Annika (hoping you read this), do you want me to leave you some bedding? There is a lovely cedar chest at the foot of the bed, and I use it to store sheets, extra blankets etc. I could clear it out, or leave it for you. Let me know.


  1. It was a glorious party, Raz. I hope it provided just the send-off you sought. Sorry to have snuck away so soon, but I had to make an appearance (though obviously it turned into more than that) at another party.
    I look forward to reading all about your journey!

  2. Have a good trip, Raz! Make sure to tell us all about it – and don’t forget to actually add me to your mass mailing list!

  3. That is the day I come back. Well, we’ll have to continue to get to know each other through the strangly personal/impersonal medium that is LJ.

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