Posted by: fullandbye | November 27, 2004


…was delightful.
I am become peace and restlessness in the same instant.
Peace because I am surrounded by love and cheer. Yesterday, and the day before were about as good as it gets.
Reslessness because the ephemerality of this life seems more powerful now. Could I ever leave this place and these people? Perhaps I should find a way to stay local with grad school, and somehow find a job here in Seattle that could afford me the opportunity to participate in the Wabune. I am considering human rights law, or labor law all of a sudden. I just really do not want to leave forever.

Wow. The afternoon sunlight is streaming through my windows. My room is awash in gold.

In the sepia hours of autumn afternoon/
I am reminded the power of occident/
for sadness the light of setting sun impugns;/
and vanquishes this season’s dark torment.

This light is too gorgeous.

I think I need to go have a cup of coffee at the Blue Dog.
Maybe I will run into more people I know and like (that was really weird last night walking into the B&O with three beautiful women at my side and running into…)


  1. Yay! Blue Dog coffee!
    That place is cool. They actually have my kitchen table in there (50s-style is where it’s at.)

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