Posted by: fullandbye | November 18, 2004


Love has exploded around me.
Everyone I know, it seems, has been overcome with Autumn’s calls to love.
Hugs have felt more real.
Was it just the tingle of Compline that made that night so magical? I saw one person leaving the great hall alone, and I looked from face to beloved face and thought,
“There but for you go I.”
There but for you go I.
There but for we go I.
I would not be me, were it not for these wicked-smart, kind, beautiful people.
I owe so much to so many.
But perhaps I need to reconnect. I feel as though I have been distant and distracted. I want to be done with school. Looking around at the people I should be spending more time with, and learning from, I really feel as though I am letting my schooling interfere with my education. (thanks to Twain for the quote, and to Duchess for reminding me of it).


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