Posted by: fullandbye | October 31, 2004


Kudos to drinking lots of water and eating toast before a party.
I drank a 40 of OE 800 last night (I killed it in less than an hour too), plus about half a bottle of Shiraz, plus a couple bottles of beer.
But despite my extraordinary drunkeness last night,
I am not hungover!
Yay toast.
Yay water.
Yay Michelle, who told me of the wonders of toast.
I have not been as drunk as I was last night in a long long time.
It was lovely to see people though. I had a really good time, and I hope that I was not too obnoxious in my state of severe insobriety.
I was definitely myself but more so last night.



  1. When I was in New Zealand I was told that a good hang-over-prevention remedy was to eat a mince or steak pie. Over there they sell these sort of individually sized little pies with ground beef (they call it ‘mince’) or bits of steak in thick gravy that are just wonderful, and very good at that ‘fill your stomach up so you process alcohol better’ thing. Of course, although I got drunk for the first time over there (I was 17), and really drank a lot one or two times, I never got a hang-over (and still have not), so do not know how effective it is. There is a place on 65th, though, called Pies and Pints, that sells those sorts of pies. I had one a few days ago – delicious.

  2. pies
    Yeah, I know about mince meat pies.
    I also know about pies and pints (it opened really recently).
    As it stands though, I do not digest meat particularly well. Meaty things tend to sit really heavy and make me feel kinda gross.
    So I will stick with toast. Thank you for the suggestion though. I think that whatever people elect to do to avoid hangovers is good. I have yet to experience a full-on hangover, and I would really like to never experience one.

  3. Re: pies
    I once had a hangover that put all other hangovers over the history of mankind to shame. seriously. I woke up around 7 am and immediately knew I’d contracted a 24-hour stomach flu, until I rolled over and started vomiting vodka tonic into my garbage can (sorry for the graphic detail there…) and thought, oh, not a flu, just too drunk. plus it was mother’s day and I was due in Bellingham for brunch. needless to say, I literally didn’t get up all day- my skull was trying to crack itself open. I somehow found my cell phone and called my blessed roommate, who was in her bedroom next door, around 5 pm that night. she bought me a gatorade that saved my life. the moral of this story, Raz, is that if Bush gets re-elected and we declare war on the world’s great wheat producing nations and there’s a nation-wide toast sanction, you can always call me for gatorade. even if I’m sitting at my desk across the hallway from you.

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