Posted by: fullandbye | October 30, 2004

interesting times

I was reading an Israeli paper earlier in Hebrew.

Just for shits and giggles, I read the english translation.

So different.

Things are getting really fucking interesting.

I think that Arafat may well perish before Thanksgiving, if not sooner.
If Abu Mazen takes Arafat’s position and powers, and if Sharon can put together a coalition in his government that is strong enough to weaken the mondo-right wing faction of the likud that is splitting his current coalition, and if Sharon then extends a willingness to negotiate with Mazen before Hamas and the other terrorist organizations coordinate a full on assault on the new Palestinian Authority, then things could take a drastic turn for the better.

What could also happen is crazy infighting in the PA that would then encourage the non-governmental Palestinian organizations (Hamas, Islamic Jihad etc) to try and usurp as much power as possible and continue the intifada with even fewer constraints. All the while that this is happening, there could be some degree of civil war between the right wing and the centrists and left wing within Israel.

We will see. Regardless what happens, the passing of the 30 year obstacle to negotiations coinciding with an increase in Israeli unrest and willingess to compromise ideology for the sake of real security could prove a marvelous opportunity the likes of which might never return. I hope this perfect storm leaves clear skies and peace.

I feel a little guilty and malicious for feeling this way, but I despise Arafat so much. I do not wish him pain or suffering. I just wish him justice. For someone as vain as he is, I wish the full extent of his cruelty, corruption and political ineptness come to light after his demise. I would really like history to remember him as the worst possible leader the Palestinians could have ever had. I hope that his death allows for a more truthful mythology of his life. I hope that he is remembered truthfully; that is to say, as a man of violence, corruption, cronyism, and total disregard for the suffering and poverty of his people.

And above all else, whatever happens, I want to stop having to worry about my family. This intifada, and this reactionary right wing Israeli government have been around for four years, and I am fucking sick of it.

Seriously. It is time for some major changes.


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