Posted by: fullandbye | October 23, 2004

so many things

are happening right now.
Last week I spent the most amazing friday evening ever with Sierra, Alex and Reiko. We went to Volunteer Park and climbed the water tower in time to see dusk kill the light of day, leaving the great twinkling expanse of the city I love so dear out in front of us. We four had run of the tower, and the chill of the wind, the vastness of the view, and the changing of light made for an absolutely sublime moment.
Walking around the park later we stumbled upon a HUGE rosemary bush and proceeded to beat each other senseless with the fragrant branches. It was all around delightful. The rest of the evening has faded from memory somewhat, but the overall feeling of a night that was beautiful above all remains.
Saturday I volunteered for two hours coaching a Somali refugee in her driving skills before she takes her license test. Oh my god. Two years took years off my life. She got a grant from a womens foundation to take a driving class, and she took the class, but she speaks practically no english, and the driving school would not let her son come along as an interpreter, so she did not learn that much in the class. I will work with her for several more weekends before she is ready to take the test. I still love helping her though.
Getting fish from the docks with Michelle on Saturday led to an auto breakdown that was revealed to be dirty battery terminals after I got the car towed. Thank goodness for AAA.
On monday I took my class to the arboretum for a wonderful afternoon. It was splendid. On monday I also turned in a grant application for the Mary Gates Leadership grant. We will see if that comes through. I was turned down for a $5,000 scholarship for children of federal employees this week. Oh well.
The rest of the week was mostly spent getting over a really nasty cold that took root on Tuesday morning and forced me to stay home on Wednesday. Yuck.
Tomorrow I hunt for pumpkins. and in the evening, Swank hosts a pumpkin carving party. Come on by.

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