Posted by: fullandbye | September 24, 2004


I like projects.
I like them a lot.
Does anyone have a set of carving chisels that I could borrow? (I promise I will return them clean and razor sharp).
I need to make some signage for Swank.
I have not decided if I want to carve it out of Cedar, Maple, or Clear Fir. I guess I will see if Northwest Hardwoods has anything on sale.
But it will look awesome.
Oh so awesome.


  1. What is this Northwest Hardwoods of which you speak?
    I’m thinking of extending one of our tables into diningroom table size. Where will I get fine wood?

  2. hardwoods
    Hi B.
    Northwest Hardwoods is actually in Arlington.
    I was thinking of another place that is in S. Seattle.
    Compton’s lumber is also a good place to go.
    Should we take a look sometime next week?

  3. no chisels, but…
    …I do have a Dremel. I mean the deeeluxe set. would that be useful? you’re more than welcome to borrow it, if so. 🙂 I work long, strange hours the next couple of days & will be hating the phone with every ounce of my being… so email is best:

  4. Re: no chisels, but…
    I have a dremel too (actually, the craftsman equivalent).
    I might want to borrow the hand tool attachment for sanding. Although I think a dremel would toast the wood; they are a little too fast, and I like doing things by hand.
    Thank you though.

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