Posted by: fullandbye | August 26, 2004


I put my phone in the fucking laundry!
This is out of control. And I need a new phone by tomorrow am.
I really feel like an idiot right now.
But, on the bright side, I just got paid, my room got rented, my clothes are clean, and I went to an awesome Aimee Mann show tonight.
She played a lot of my favorite songs, but I forgot to write them down. In addition, wonder of wonders, the opening band was actually really good. I forget their name, but their lead singer was like a cross between Elvis Costello and Randy Newman. I might actually buy their album.
What a week!
I think that this is my last night in this house. I could not be more overjoyed about this.
But tomorrow will be stressful. I need to figure out where to put two trailers by tomorrow evening. This whole burning man thing is really starting to exhaust me. I cannot wait to relax once I am there.



  1. I can probably just keep the trailer I pick up in my house (well, in the cul-de-sac) for the short amount of time we will have it before heading out.

  2. lovely.
    That would be lovely.
    Could it make it to Chez Cait then by Friday morning?
    (dealing with one trailer on a pretty smal street is plenty!)
    Thanks, Bill.
    Have fun in Pt. Angeles today.

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