Posted by: fullandbye | August 21, 2004


How the fuck have I accumulated so much shit?
When I moved last time, I gave away or dumped a whole bunch of stuff, and I have made a strong effort to avoid accumulating more stuff.
But here I find myself. In my room. Surrounded by boxes.
the tally so far:
10 medium size boxes of books. I think that the final tally will be about 12 boxes of books.
3 big duffel bags filled with clothes.
One big duffel bag filled with bedding.
three medium size boxes filled with desk refuse, tchotschkes(sp?) art supplies, lamps, framed art etc.
One desk.
One Dresser.
A shoe Rack.
A desk Hutch.
two full size bookcases.
A bedside table.
Two laundry hampers.
A full size mattress.
A wooden frame for said mattress.
A blue area rug.
Several posters.
a drafting tube.
A beachball that Eric gave me.
A small anvil style roadcase/briefcase.

This is just my room. Although come to think of it, I have very little random stuff in the rest of the house. Mostly just largish furniture.

If I use the inflatable mattress I bought for BM, then it is entirely likely that tonight my room will be bare except for an inflatable mattress and my laptop. That is exciting.

You know what else is exciting? I leave for Burning Man in a week, and things are coming together really nicely. The organization of this year has made me very pleased. I hope it pulls off.


  1. The blue area rug should go to burning man with you, then you would have carpeted desert, which is always exciting.
    On the books though, how many of those do you plan on reading or referencing again? I’ve been thinking it would be great if there were library-ish facilities where you could just leave your books for others to read, but whenever you wanted them back, you could get them. Most would probably, once they have the books out of their lives, not really notice the absence, and then you would just have a normal library with older stock, but there would be no book budget. People wouldn’t feel bad about “donating” actually decent books, which contrasts to most of the current book donations which mostly just end up sold in the library bookstore. I don’t know a good way for that to survive financially, but maybe if there was just some house out there with a spare room, they could set it up there. I have lots of books that I like, and wouldn’t want to part with forever, but probably won’t end up re-reading for years.

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