Posted by: fullandbye | August 19, 2004

friendster and clones

Blogging tools are marvelous because you actually can read about what your friends are up to day to day.
But are friend spaces (friendster, myspace etc) really just ways for people to hook up? Because there is no narrative to them, they seem to just be elaborate personal ads online.
Do others share this sentiment?



  1. If you expand the definition of “hook up” to include non-sexual activities, then yes. Friend spaces are good for meeting people who’re interested in particular things that most of your other friends aren’t (e.g. art photography, industrial music).

  2. My impression is that yes, many people are hoping to hook up. But then lots of strange friendships are formed in the process- sometimes great and sometimes just weird. Then again I find that behind most social interaction is lingering the possibility of something interesting. Some of my co-workers just use myspace as kind of a popularity competition or pyramid scheme, competing to see how many other coworkers they can convince to sign up. They’re like Amway salesmen, or Jehovahs witnesses. I haven’t sucumb to their charms yet; but then again, you know how many awesome people we know that I wish I had the time to get to know better.

  3. I know alot of people who have used friend spaces for meeting new people for all kinds of things, and successfully. But generally, the people that I know who do use friendster and myspace successfully are people who are at a very different spot in their lives, who aren’t on a college campus all day to have that essentially do the networking for them.
    Right now, they feel pretty useless and empty to me too.
    But sometimes there are interesting show and party announcements. (not that I go.)(
    And I’ve had some friends from high school find me and we’ve reconnected and that’s pretty cool too.
    So, I dunno……um…..yes!

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