Posted by: fullandbye | August 17, 2004


My question is this:
Is packing a room more daunting before you begin? Or is it more daunting while partway through?
I am often overcome with a sort of paralysis while beginning. Where to start? I also hesitate because I never look forward to the mess of packing.
But it is also easy to underestimate the amount of stuff one owns while it is incorporated into a room (especially a tidy room like mine). Stuff seems much more compact when it is incorporated into a room. I never knew that, packed into boxes, my stuff could fill a roomy minivan more than once over.
I am really looking forward to moving back to the U-district. Chez Swank will rock.
Holy Crap! I turn 22 in two hours.



  1. Happy Birthday in 13 minutes…

  2. Packing is daunting at all stages. Speaking as one who is essentially done with the process (I just have to toss my shoes in a bag), it is least daunting at the very end. And I agree about relative compactness. Happy bday!

  3. For cross town gigs, I’m a proponent of the sloppy packing/many trips way of doing it. Don’t care about efficiency, just put your stuff in open boxes or laundry baskets, make a few trips of it, and dump stuff in your new room. Then, you go to your new place, sleep, and unpack the next day, with little stress at all. That is if you have time between moving out of the current abode and moving in to the new place, and dont have to store things somewhere.

  4. storing stuff
    but I do have to store shit between moving out and moving in.
    Fucking Burning Man, it really makes moving much harder. But is so so worth it…

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