Posted by: fullandbye | August 12, 2004

Cape Town

I just found out that I am confirmed to go to S. Africa this winter quarter.
Wow. I am really excited.
Now to find some cheap tickets…I have not found anything under 2,000. I might have to book two flights seperately; one flight to London or Amsterdam, and the other to Cape Town.
This is fucking exciting.


  1. stories
    Casey made the following observation:
    “Raz, I figured out something really exciting about you going to South Africa! Now we will have a whole new crop of stories that begin with neither ‘So, in Israel…’ nor ‘So, I was taking a shit…'”
    Thanks Casey. With friends like these…
    I think that my scatological bent is greatly exaggerated by those who know me.

  2. Re: stories
    psh. casey’s so right. “Actually, back on the kibbutz, we..”
    And Casey did forget “Cait. The Most Amazing Thing happened to me today.” (or whoever.)
    Raz, the only limitation on how much you talk about scat is how much there is to be said about scat.

  3. lies! All lies!
    I hate you so much. All of you. You all think you know me soooo weelll (this last part is said really sarcastically, with a scrunched up face and sort of mocking jazz-hands).
    There is all sorts of shit you do not know about me. That’s right. I am a man with secrets. Deep down, I am taciturn, elusive and opaque.

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