Posted by: fullandbye | June 29, 2004

long time no write.

It has been too long since I updated. I really need to get into this more, and somehow convince myself that this is not a giant waste of time.

I want my thesis over. It is really tragic that the thesis is always a human production and not just
some fact of nature. But it is inevitable that I will finish it I guess.

Oh man, I finally got a taste of my own marvelous medicine this past weekend. During the past several months I have several times called people ass early in the morning telling them to be at an event that was going to happen right away. This is how Michelle first went sailing, it is how Camden went sailing, and it is how Cait came down to fremont to march in the parade. Anyways, on Sunday morning I was in my room at about 10:45. I had been awake for perhaps an hour and had just put in a load of laundry. My plan for the day was as follows:
Shower while laundry is washing.

Have a nice leisurely morning of breakfast and reading while laundry is drying, and then head to campus to do some more reading in the afternoon, followed by a walk around greenlake, and perhaps something else in the evening.

I had this marvelous, productive but relaxed day planned out when the phone rings. It is Michelle (whose party I missed the previous evening). I pick up the phone, and the conversation whent like this:
R: Hello?
M: Raz, this is Michelle.
R: Yes, um, I’m sorry I missed your party, I passed out after overdosing on thesis.
M: That’s OK. I’m thinking about going to the pride parade and was wondering if you wanted to come.
R: What time is the parade?
M: 11:30
R: That is less than half an hour away. (pause) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
R: I’ll be at your house in ten minutes. I need to put on pants.

Pride was fantastic. We parked at the Seattle Hebrew Academy Parking lot (totally empty, no one knows that it exists). And walked up to volunteer park. I showed Michelle my favorite art and spots in the park, and then we walked up the water tower for one of the best free views in the city. It was splendid.

Lots of loud noises drew us down to the street, and we watched most of the pride parade from the corner of 10th and Prospect. It was great. I like having my days totally disrupted now and again by more interesting options that present themselves.

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